January 13, 2021

Custom Jewellery Design

Custom Jewellery Design

Gallery of various past custom designed rings

Did you know that I make custom (or bespoke) jewellery?  This is where you make decisions on how a piece of jewellery will look. With my guidance, you can choose a stone, a setting and ring band style, for example.  You can also have earrings, pendants, bangles or cuffs made.

Many of my customers have started off purchasing jewellery they see on my website or at a show.  Later they decide they would like to 'have a say' in their next piece. It might be for a special birthday or anniversary or they would like matching earrings for the stone ring they just purchased. This is a custom jewellery design.


turquoise gemstones

Gemstone display box featuring turquoise, native silver, rosarita, chariote and moonstone, etc.


Many customers have seen my 'stone box' (above) at various fairs. This box is a display of some of the gemstones I have available in different colours, shapes and sizes.  Many times customers fall in love with a certain stone or in some instances, I have had people who have been searching for a certain type of stone but have never been able to find it before and they have found it in this box.

Various custom designed rings

Other times people love a ring I have created but it is the wrong size so they need something made to specifically to fit them.  So they decide to purchase a custom ring. The above galleries are some of my rings where customers have selected their stones, ring band, and the settings.  This process works for any piece of jewellery.

Often in the past, these custom orders have been decided in person with people choosing their stone on the stand, in a shop or at my workshop. However, I have done long distance pieces as well and now have moved to using FaceTime and WhatsApp to make sure I understand what it is you would like. In the coming months, I will create a virtual stone box so people can see a close up selection of stones.

The Process

Normally, I am contacted by the customer who tells me what they are looking for, whether it be earrings or a ring or pendant.   I will ask what type of stone and what colour and shape.  I will email you pictures of various stone possibilities and request a budget as the price will vary according to stone and the complexity of what you want done. Then we move on to ring band design, ring size etc. If you don't know your ring size, getting this is slightly trickier when working with a remote customer.   However, I have a ring sizer for sale on my website with free shipping click here .  Once you receive this, I will walk you through the sizing process.

Pricing for a custom ring is the same formula for my stock items on the website.  So it should not be more expensive than other jewellery you would buy.  But if you go for a big expensive stone or a complicated band or you add gold, then the ring will cost more as it takes more time to make.

Once we have decided all the specifications for the ring (or other jewellery), I will then go and create a quote and send to you for your approval.   If you are happy with the quote, you pay a 50% deposit then I get started.  If the quote doesn't work for you, we can relook at stones and readjust - there is no obligation on your part.

earrings and pendants Various earrings, pendants and bangles made for customers

Once the deposit is paid,  a custom order generally takes about three weeks.  Most of these pieces will need UK Hallmarking and therefore need to be sent to London to be tested for silver or gold fineness.  This takes at least a week. Covid restrictions may make time frames take longer.


I send all custom orders 'special delivery' with insurance.

Happy Customers

These pieces are generally loved by my clients and are very special.  I sometimes get emails telling me of tales where they have thought they have lost their beloved ring only to find it again and be very happy at being reunited.  

Check out Reviews on my website or see my Instagram @lauradezordo saved stories for 'Happy Customers'. 

If any of this interests you, please contact me and we'll get started.