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One of the joys of jewellery making for me is spending time selecting stones to make my jewellery beautiful. I believe there is a stone out there for everyone. Now you can look inside of my collection here and find the stone for you. If you look and cannot find a colour or type you like please get in touch.


Green Turquoise bursting with patterns from the Sonoran mines in Mexico on the left. Various different stones from the Royston mine in Nevada down the two coloumns on the right. Royston Ribbon rock are the ones that look like they have a lighting strike of turquoise down the middle. Click here to see 'Ready to Ship' Turquoise Rings


From white Rainbow Moonstone to black and white 'White Buffalo - Magnesite' to Native Silver and Dendrite Opal with fern patterns.

These black and white and grey stones go with everything and are fabulous choices to wear in the winter and grey months. 


Turquoise from traditional plain blue to black and turquoise to green - so many variations tell me the ones which are your favourite. Click here To see 'Ready to Ship' Turquoise Rings

Malachite and azurite/Malachite

These beautiful blue and green mixed stones are called Azurite/Malachite and have wonderful patterns. The two tone green of the malachite in the centre top are also great for making pendants or earrings.


Here we have a selection of primary and secondary colours purple Sugilite, green Malachite, blue Lapis Lazuli, red Rosarita and orange Spiny Oyster shell. See Gallery of Past Pieces for red Rosarita heart pendant.


Now here we are moving in to clear stones, blue Kyanite, green Peridot, orange Spessartine Garnet, raspberry pink Tourmaline and a more opaque pink Rhodachrosite.


Sea blue Larimar that comes from the Dominican Republic.  Like patterns in the ocean waves this is a beautiful stone. See Gallery for Larimar ring example.


These little landscapes are called Bumble Bee Jasper and are all good sizes for large pendants.  I do also have some Bumble Bee pairs that would work for dangly earrings as well.  


These gorgeous gemstones which are spectrolite and are translucent. These particular gemstones are special as when they have a silver background they flash blue in different light settings. If any of these interest you please read Design Your Own Ring for the next step.


This red is undeniablely gorgeous, with its vividness and swirls of colour. It is, however, a manmade stone. I am told it is made from the run-off off of gold-smelting mixed with glass. But lovers of red jewellery are not disappointed! Interested? Please see the Design Your Own Ring process. But hurry spaces for bespoke are limited.


This is called Variscite. It comes in many different colours but usually involves some green or black or both.  There are some lovely patterns and it is all different types of variscite. Just to get a measure the long green stones are a pair and are 35 mm long. It makes very unique Bespoke Rings or Pendants. See Gallery for Bespoke Jewellery examples

Spiny Oyster Shell

Spiny Oyster Shell is a mollusk that is found in the Sea of Cortez, between Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico.  Spiny comes in colours ranging from coral, to oranges and purples.  This photos shows you some of the variations I have in my collection. If you are interested contact me and I can do a quote for you.