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I’m Laura, an American artisan jeweller, happily settled in the beautiful English countryside with my husband, my daughter and a Vizsla called Elsa.  My workshop is located in the South Downs National Park, an Area of Outstanding National Beauty.  I am constantly looking outside at the beautiful shades of green and the colours of an English country garden which inspire my creations for you.



Inspired by the land of my birth - where it all began

My journey of becoming a silversmith began with studying under some highly experienced master bench jewellers in the US.  It was whilst working with incredible jewellers in the US Southwest that I first started learning about the American Turquoise and Variscite mines. I soon realised that these beautiful gemstones come in a vast range of colours with stunning matrix (tiny lines running through them).  In creating jewellery for you, I mostly use American-mined turquoise as the colour and variation are second to none.  I study the colour of turquoise very carefully to select the most beautiful and vibrant so you can have the most stunning pieces in your collection.

My travels to the Southwest are repeated each year.  I study under different jewellers all around New Mexico so that I can source fresh ideas, and enhance my knowledge to bring you beautiful, contemporary designs you will treasure.


Colour and Gold

Over the past few years, seeing more and more gemstones, I have branched out from simply turquoise and added gems like tourmaline, apatite, spiny oyster shell, rosarita and lapis lazuli. This gives me an even bigger colour palette from which to make designs for you. As well as expanding to new gemstones, to glam up your jewellery I have been adding gold accents onto the silver to further highlight certain gems such as lapis lazuli and Carico Lake (green) turquoise and tourmaline.  I hope you enjoy selecting from all these beautiful colours as much as I do.  My passion is to create individual statement pieces that bring you joy and make you stand out from the crowd.  Enjoy!


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