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It’s that time of year again and you need a special gift that ticks all of the boxes. Well I am offering a gift that will not disappoint. It is both an experience and product.

And what better gift than a bespoke piece of gemstone jewellery that is not only meaningful, but perfectly designed to your loved one’s unique taste by them?

Send your loved one the gift of a specially designed piece of jewellery, where they choose the elements themselves.

I have created a gift version of my ‘Design Your Own Ring’ (DYOR) package. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with a gift that is 100% suited to them; something that they will treasure for life and it’s brownie points for you for getting it right. And the really good news? I’ve made it super simple for you….in four simple steps.

For the Recipient - The present and the experience…

There’s nothing quite like opening a gift - the excitement as you tear open the paper and the anticipation of what sits inside. It’s this feeling I’ve strived to maintain with my major gifts.

Present One: On the big day your beloved will receive the beautifully wrapped gift box along with a Laura De Zordo set of ring sizers and your ‘Design Your Own Ring’ gift voucher. More importantly the box also contains selection of printed cards featuring beautiful gemstones and sample rings. This means when they open the package they can start dreaming right away about their new jewellery.

Experience: After they have thought about what they would like, perused the cards, the looked at my website under ‘Design Your Own Ring’ (link). They book a call with me and we decide on a gemstone and a setting, this is sometimes an iterative process. Once all is agreed, I then create the jewellery and send it off for hallmarking.

Present Two: After a three to four weeks your loved one is shipped their new bespoke jewellery for a lifetime keepsake – it will also come wrapped and via special delivery.

What do you need to do to purchase this

1 - You and I have a short call to sort out budget and timings and to make sure this present is going to work for you.

Ultimately you will decide the total amount for the gift – this can be secret or revealed to the receiver. Most of my DYOR silver rings start around £200 - £250 depending on the stone. Choosing a large or expensive stone, adding gold features will double this cost. All solid gold rings are significantly more expensive.

2 - If you decide to go with this gift you visit my website and buy the ‘Design Your Own Ring Gift Deposit’ for £100. This will secure your place (as I can only create five per month) and is non-refundable but can be redeemed against any item/s in my shop.

After deposit is received I send you a beautifully wrapped luxury gift box that you can give to your loved one the big day.

3 - After the recipient has selected their stones, metals and design of the piece, I create a quote and send to you for approval. If the quote is accepted you then pay the equivalent of 50% (including the deposit).

4 - I then create the ring and when it is ready for hallmarking I send you a link for the balance. And that is it!

So I have made it an easy experience for you and an actual present that they take part in creating, wait for and then ultimately receive. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.