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How to size for a Bangle

How do I size correctly for a bangle?

Are you asking yourself - does a bangle have a size?  Well, unless you have incredibly small hands or larger hands - and have experienced difficulty fitting a bangle - you probably didn’t know there was a size.  So I thought it would be valuable to put together a short blog taking you through the process.


First of all, did you know that you don’t actually measure your wrist for bangle size? Instead, you measure your hand at its widest point.

To do this, you need to draw your fingers together: thumb to pinky, and then second to ring finger with your middle finger resting on top. Squish them together so they make a round ball.


Next, get your tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hand while it’s in this position. Your bangle needs to fit over this part of your hand, so it makes sense to use this as your measuring point! Note down the number in cm: this is the size of bangle that you need.

Generally, 19cm is a small bangle, with 20/21/22 sitting in the middle and 23 for those with larger hands. Don’t forget, your bangle is supposed to be loose against your wrist - it would be incredibly uncomfortable if it was skintight (and it would look pretty odd!).

If you have any questions about bangle sizing, please do drop me a line at ​​